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I made this like... 6 weeks ago for [info]dn_contest, and thought that the idea of the story in particular fit the whole idea of this comm.

Title: Promiscuity Is Its Own Punishment
Rating: MA
Pairings/Characters: Mikami/L, references to Mikami/Namikawa and Mikami/Higuchi
Word Count: 4527
Warnings: Some adult situations... as in sex. Like for real. That's why it's a little lengthy. Though it's not exceptionally graphic.
Plot: L and Teru meet in a department store and become acquainted. However, the meeting is soon regretted once the prosecutor learns that it always seems too good to be true. Especially if you're a little jaded.
Note: Forgive me on characterization issues. This was purposely done to make Mikami look like a slut. Thus, this story is under the crack genre.

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This is mildly related, and since I'm the mod, I can do crazy stuff like this. Anyway, I found the kanji for sakujo, and since I don't want to lose it, I'm going to share it with you guys. :3

It's a lot of fun to use for different graphics and such (like the one in my profile that COULD BE BETTER BUT I GOT LAZY oh poor mikamika).


yay sakujoooo.
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Welcome to the community, now that we have more members! I'm happy and thankful that you've all decided to join and share in the loving of our fruity Mikami and his absolute craziness. :3 Feel free to post any Mikami-related yaoi up (even if you feel it's been posted before, we don't mind, we can keep an archive of Mikamiliciousness here).

Examples of awesome:

  • Fanfiction

  • Fanart

  • Doujinshi

  • Icons

  • Varying graphics (banners and such)

  • Fanmixes

  • AMVs

All with proper credit to their creators, of course. This also does not mean that we are limiting this community to fan creations; certainly we can have discussions, whether they be serious or crack discussions, and any other observations and little tidbits that anyone comes up with that can be happily traced to yaoi'ing up our Teru.