Mikami is a fruit.

That everyone needs a bite of.

Mikami Teru is a fruit. <3
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Community for slash of the Death Note character, Mikami Teru.
mikami teru.
Welcome to the beautiful Mikami Is A Fruit LJ community!

I'm just getting this all started, but everyone that enjoys Death Note and particularly Death Note slash is welcome to come and join the fun. After all, Mikami is quite the fruit, and this will be our place to slash him with everyone and everything. =3

Please read our welcome post here as it also contains the rules and a little bit more about the community and what we do here. :)



We're currently in search of some more affiliates for our community, to get the word and the lovin' out there. If you're interested in affiliating your journal or community with us, please send a message to ussenterprise.

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